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Some Non-Architectural Services We Offer

We Work Directly For Non-Architectural Clients, Too

Architect’s Security Group may specialize in projects involving architects and the architectural process, but we also do traditional security consulting or we can design your electronic security system without the involvement of an architect.

Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation to discuss your needs. And even though we have a staff architect, we don’t practice architecture so ask if you need a referral to an architect. And remember that we are the nation’s leading security consulting firm serving cultural property clients.

The hottest topic in the security field today is the very real concern for the security of our computer-based security systems from hacking, virus attacks and distributed denial of service attacks.  Similarly, the industry is undergoing a battle for “ownership” of the security system between the “physical” security department and the IT Department. We can be of great assistance to you in thinking through the major decision and in securing your network.

We are an independent non-product affiliated consulting and engineering firm with nothing to sell but our expertise and consulting services. We are not affiliated with any vendor, product or guard service. We represent you in this process.

If you are a security consultant and need engineering assistance or assistance writing a specification or preparing blueprints, we can help by being your associate firm. This is standard practice within the architectural community. While we are security consultants we assume that if your client hired you, you must have superior knowledge within this business specialty and can provide the client with the advice they need. But since most security consulting firms lack in-house engineering and design capabilities, we provide this service “to the trade” at a reasonable price. We can provide support services in designing advanced electronic systems, helping the client to procure them, and in performing professional project management and system commissioning. We prepare full bid documents and drawings in AutoCAD.

Attention Cultural Institutions:

From 1986 through April 2009 we operated as Steve Keller & Associates, Inc. and were the leading security firm devoted exclusively to projects involving cultural institutions. While we have changed our name to reflect our new area of specialization we retain our expertise in museum, library and cultural property security. We would very much appreciate being on your short list of firms considered to be your security consultant.

Attention Security Consultants