A Sample of Our Work

Over the years, we have been asked many times to provide a set of drawings from a previous project to prospective clients so they can assess the quality and adequacy of our work product. Well, when you design security systems for high value facilities, you just can’t do that. So our Principal and staff architect, Alicia Ricci, designed a museum with all of the elements of any other American museum--front door, fire exit, coat room, dock, control room, galleries, public space, etc. The security principles that apply to this building apply to every museum. And the skills needed to prepare documents for this building apply to any type of facility.  There are three purposes for this set of drawings. The first is to provide a sample of our work. The second is to serve as a teaching tool as we often teach security topics. And the third is to show contractors the quality of shop drawings and record drawings we expect of them.

When you download the set of drawings, you’ll see elevations of the building, so you know what you are dealing with, basic floor plans without any security devices, floor plans with a complete computer based burglar alarm and access control system, and complete CCTV system drawings.  You’ll also see device details, closet elevations, a control room design, a console design, and rack diagrams. Finally, you’ll see Device Schedules that tie together the devices on the drawings with the product to be installed.

We did not include a specification but be assured that we have considerable expertise in the preparation of complete bid documents.

Click on the link to download a set of plans from the City Art Museum:  plans.pdf

Click on the link to see technical information about these plans:  Plans2

The City Art Museum