About the Blueprints

Many clients require a hybrid CCTV system so they can extend the life of their existing analog cameras but still move toward IP cameras and be ready for the future. While the above system block diagram is not from the City Art Museum, it illustrates a hybrid system used by many of our clients.

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About Our Product Choices

We are independent, non-product affiliated security consultants. We are never compensated in any way by vendors or system manufacturers for specifying their products. We do have favorite products and systems because experience has proven to us that some products perform better than others.

This imaginary facility is using a Software House C-Cure 800 alarm and access control system and a Bosch Radionics 9412 panel as the dialer. Individual detectors were chosen by our staff architect for their physical appearance from a list of acceptable products that perform as we require.

The CCTV system is a hybrid system (part analog cameras and part digital IP addressable cameras), reflecting the fact that the original CCTV system’s life was extended and new digital IP cameras were added.

The CCTV system specified is the Acuity-vct server based system, the best in its class with advanced video analytics for painting and object protection.

The device schedule provides a complete list of products specified. You can get product details from the manufacturers’ websites. Be aware that over time this product list may become obsolete as models change.

In an actual project we would coordinate hardware with the hardware schedules, electrical requirements with the electrical engineer, and help the project architect locate devices on ceiling plans and wall elevations. And in an actual project we would coordinate the dedicated security networks with the IT consultant to assure that the building wide standard is met and products on all networks can be covered under one service contract. And space in shared server racks will be carefully coordinated.