Some Representative Major Projects

Mount Vernon

(Entire Complex plus Orientation Center and Education Center)

Mount Vernon, Virginia

After designing a security system for the entire campus of Mount Vernon we

designed the expansion of that system into the two new buildings . The project

involved exhibit case alarms, building alarms, access control systems, and CCTV

systems Work also included a re-design of the security control room.

Jamestown Yorktown Foundation exhibition buildings

Williamsburg, Virginia

On a fast track schedule prior to the 400th anniversary of the settling of

Jamestown, the Foundation undertook the construction of three buildings and

three separate exhibition areas under the design of four separate

architects/exhibit designers. We worked on all of the projects. Work involved

development of a master plan, a new security control center, and expansion of

the new alarm, access control and CCTV system into each of the three buildings.

As buildings were completed and exhibition designs were developed we worked

with the various exhibit designers on the alarms for exhibit cases in three major

exhibit areas including the permanent collection, the temporary exhibition area,

and the “World of 1607” galleries.

Houston Museum of Fine Arts

Houston, Texas

We have performed various projects for this client including security surveys for

main (Law) building, Bayou Bend historic site, downtown (Tenneco) exhibition

site, Rosine Conservation Center, Fannon Service Center, Administration

Building and the Rienze house museum. We designed the security system for

the new Beck Building and Fannon Building (the old building was demolished)

and we designed the security control room that will serve the entire site. We also

designed security systems for the Rosnie and Rienze sites, Bayou Bend, and

Tenneco. The Beck Building system was one of the largest and most complex

systems we have designed as it will eventually serve every building. We recently

prepared bid documents and a system design for the auditorium renovation and

the library renovation projects. These are out to bid. We are currently on hold in

the design of the security system upgrade for the main building, having prepared

a design that is in owner review. The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, is a

retainer client, having purchased a three year retainer under our pre-paid plan.

Therefore, they have unlimited phone consultation which they use extensively. All

projects for this client included project management. In July 2007 we were added

to the design team of the Bayou Bend Visitor. We are also working on an off site

collection storage building for the MFAH.

National World War II Museum

New Orleans

The National World War II Museum is a seven phase project to expand the

National D-Day Museum into the National world War II Museum. It is currently

under construction. It will include nine separate structures and a “parade ground”

plus macro exhibits, micro exhibits, a library and archive, an “Four Dimensional”

theater, historic USO Cabaret, and other facilities. Our work includes alarms,

access control systems and CCTV systems and will conclude with exhibit case

alarms when the interiors are fully designed.

Smithsonian Institution

Washington, D.C.

Various projects including the security system design for the National Museum of

the American Indian Collection Resource Center and the programming phase for

the NMAI Museum on the Mall in Washington. Projects also included a security

survey at the Hirschhorn Museum Sculpture Garden, the historic buildings report

for the Arts and Industries Building on the Mall, the SERC Lab renovation

projects, the National Museum of Natural History renovation projects, complete security system upgrade for the National Museum of American History, work on the collections center in Suitland, and other projects over the past 20 years.

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

deYoung Museum

San Francisco, CA

We designed the alarm, access control and CCTV systems for the new deYoung

Museum in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. A Herzog and deMeuron projects,

this project had major challenges which were overcome.

Norton Simon Museum of Art

Pasadena, California

Several years ago I conducted a security survey at the Norton Simon Museum.

When they did their recent expansion, they did not use my services to prepare

bid documents, since they have a knowledgeable building manager on board

who wanted to do this himself. I reviewed his work and offered advice that did not

always agree with his opinions. During the project’s installation phase, problems

developed that would have been avoided had I been involved in a more

traditional way. Wayne and his superiors brought me in for consultation and I

assisted in the resolution of issues with their vendor. The museum subsequently

purchased a three year retainer under our pre-paid plan and I conducted the

acceptance testing of their new security system and prepared a punch list. This

has been a difficult and complex project in that I have had to serve as diplomat,

representing the Director of Security in resolving issues with their contractor,

without making anyone in the museum look like they had made a bad decision in

pursuing the security design project without professional design assistance. This

client has made extensive use of their free phone consultation over the past

several years. This client takes security very seriously and has an excellent

security program, among the best in the country.

Montpelier, Home of President James Madison

Orange, Virginia

Work was recently completed on the restoration of Montpelier, the home of one

of our most interesting Presidents. We worked closely with the architectural team

to design an alarm, access control and CCTV system that minimized damage to

historic fabric and facilitated the telling of the story of President Madison. Work

included a Visitor Center and gallery area with exhibits and public


Bancroft Doe Library, UC Berkeley

Seismic Upgrade Project

Berkeley, CA

This work involved a total renovation of this very large library building. The

facility houses the university’s rare book collection as well as special collections

such as the works and personal papers of Mark Twain. Our role involved

conducting an initial needs assessment, interfacing with the university Campus

Police Department, and determining a secure way of transmitting alarms from the

facility to the university’s central station in a manner immune from hacking.

The project also involved expanding the central station monitoring stations at

Campus Police, designing and specifying a Software House C-Cure 8000 point

monitoring and access control system, Intellex DVR based digital CCTV system,

and integrating both analog and network cameras into one system using power

over Ethernet technology and unshielded twisted pair cabling.

The system designed uses extensive proximity card access with carefully

engineered CCTV monitoring of Reading Room and other areas of the building.

Washington State Historical Museum

Tacoma, Washington

The project involved the restoration of a railroad station to serve as a history

museum. We designed the alarm, a complex access control system, and a CCTV


The Heard Museum

Phoenix, AZ

Several years ago I conducted a security survey for this client. When they

doubled the size of their building but could not increase their security staff, they

called on me to design a complex security system on a limited budget for the new

facility. This has been among the most challenging projects I have ever done.

We have provided project management and during the final acceptance testing

procedure which is extensive and thorough, we detected an irregularity and

stopped the test. I questioned the contractor’s representatives on site and

suspected that they had manipulated the test to make it appear that the system

was performing perfectly when it was not properly programmed or installed. We

stopped the test and I called in the president of the alarm company that was

responsible, a major national firm. One of their sub-contractors had been

manipulating the test. It was my staff’s expertise that detected and uncovered

this problem which some might consider a fraud perpetuated against my client.

We are on a fixed fee but we have continued to work on an almost daily basis to

review the work of the contractor to make sure that they correct the problem. This

includes weekly conference calls, technical reviews, and project updates at no

cost to our client. This client can speak to the extent we will go to honor our fixed

fee agreements and to assure that projects we design are properly installed and

working before we sign off. Since this project we have done several others for

them including Heard North Annex, Heard West Annex, Heard Store Gallery

project, and the CCTV system upgrade project.

The Menil Collection

Houston, TX

The Menil Collection consists of one main landmark Renzo Piano designed

building, four other museum buildings, and eleven additional buildings used for

various purposes, all within a mile of each other. The museum used a first

generation computer based alarm and access control systems which is now

obsolete and outdated. Nearly every device and camera is concealed, and no

changes can be made to the building’s appearance due to its status as a Renzo

Piano building. Piano is one of the all time greatest architects. We were

commissioned to design a security system that would replace and upgrade the

existing system and to expand it to all buildings via an underground fiber optic

network we were to design. The project has been designed and went to bid. Two

bidders were within $65 of our estimate and one qualified bidder was

substantially lower. Work is now completed on that project. Since then we

prepared a master plan report for the long term upgrade of CCTV systems to full

digital. We recently completed design work on the new Menil Drawings Institute, and are now designing a new security control room.

The Jewish Museum of New York

New York, NY

I designed the security system for the Jewish Museum when it was renovated

and expanded some years ago. This included designing an access control and

CCTV system. This museum has purchased out Pre-Paid Plan for the past five

years and we have had an ongoing relationship with them. We have assisted

with the upgrade of their window glazing and blast resistance system, their CCTV

system from analog to digital, their exhibit alarm system, their access control

system, and other projects. When they had a theft, we were called and I

responded to advise them on how to proceed. Since they are a likely target of

terrorism, we have consulted many times on this subject.

Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum

Seattle, WA

I first did work with Tim Bonow when he was Assistant Director of Security at the

Seattle Art Museum. I then did a project with him when he was Director of

Security at the Huntington Library in San Marino, CA. I recently completed a

project with him at the Experience Music project/Sci Fi Museum in Seattle. His

museum director Josi Callen also worked with me when she was at the San Jose

Museum of Art. EMP/SciFi is a Frank Gehry building donated in full by Microsoft

co-founder Paul Allen at a cost of $325 million. The museum is now planning

major changes to its control room and CCTV system in an upgrade to digital. We

have completed the master plan and are awaiting owner response and direction.

Steve Keller also worked on the security system designs for Paul Allen’s private


Contemporary Art Center of Virginia

Virginia Beach, VA

When the Virginia CAC was designated by the city and the state as the host

venue for a Magna Carta exhibition as part of the 400th anniversary of the

founding of Jamestown, it was apparent that the museum was not ready for this

magnitude of special exhibition without immediate and drastic changes. We did

a study and recommended alarm, CCTV and control room upgrades and

upgraded staffing levels. We also recommended added training for guards.

Terrorism considerations also were a concern. When the exhibition approached

and it was apparent that the museum lacked the resources to properly secure the

exhibit, we waived our fees and donated all of our services in an effort to get the

work completed. We also donated the world’s most advanced high tech object

alarm system for use on five major exhibit cases and we sent technicians to

install them when objects were installed. We worked with police and local

agencies to make the facility ready for the exhibit, which was a subsequent

success for the museum.

Polly Rosenbaum Arizona State Archives

Phoenix, AZ

This project involved designing and specifying a state of the art point monitoring

and access control system and a digital CCTV system for this Capitol Hill based

depository. Special electronics were designed for exterior areas and parking lots

and interior systems provided close surveillance of reading room activity. This

project involved expanding the owner’s existing General Electric Infographics

access system, their existing DVR based CCTV system, and other special

systems. A security control room was also designed.

Yale University

Cultural Property Central Station

Yale University has seventeen major cultural properties in need of special alarm

and CCTV system monitoring. When cultural property system are monitored

from a common Campus Police central station they can be vulnerable by

something as simple as a policeman in trouble call which redirects all of the

resources of the department away from alarm monitoring and to street level

activity. The solution was to design an dedicated central station that serves only

cultural institutions. Entities included in this program are the Yale Center for

British Art, the Yale University Art Gallery, the Beineke Rare Book Library, and

other institutions.

This project involved an initial study which recommended establishing a

dedicated, highly secure central station staffed by a detail of campus police

especially trained on the geography and operations of all of the monitored

facilities. Further, the study involved studying the technology in use in all of the

properties and recommending a campus cultural property standard and

developing an action plan for converting the 17 entities to that standard.

Finally, the work involved designing a fully engineered central station for the

exclusive monitoring of cultural properties and defining procedures for staff

dispatchers to follow while working there. The Lenel point monitoring and access

control system, the Intellex DVR based CCTV system, and the Sensicast object

protection system were specified. All racks and equipment within the central

station were open source and standards compliant. Our work included fully

engineered drawings.

Library of Congress

Washington, D.C.

This project involved conducting a master plan study of the special collections

libraries at the Library of Congress. These included the Main Reading Room,

Manuscript Reading Room and stacks, LaFolette Reading Room; Science

Reading Room; Prints and Photographs Reading Room & Stacks; Serials and

Government Publications Reading Room; Law Library Reading Room and

stacks; Law Rare Books; Colonnade Reading Room and Offices. A report was

issued for Congress that resulted in funding of projects.

The Magna Carta

When the Magna Carta traveled to Virginia in celebration of the 400th anniversary

of the founding of Jamestown we were asked to design security for the exhibit

and its exhibit cases.

Disney Family Museum

Walt Disney Family Foundation

San Francisco, CA

This project involved designing a burglar alarm, access control and digital CCTV

system as well as an object protection system for the personal collections of the

Disney family members. The museum is located in an historic building within the

Presidio, San Francisco.

The Wilson Library

University of North Carolina

Wilson Library

Chapel Hill, NC

This project involved a feasibility study for upgrading the library’s alarm, access

control and CCTV system and expanding it.

National Gallery of Art

Washington, D.C.

We have performed various projects for the National Gallery including a master

plan survey, a master plan security system design, a master plan security control

room design, a manpower survey and a White Paper to Congress, with

successful funding request for $995,000, We also designed the security systems

for the National Sculpture Garden on the Mall, performed other smaller projects.

All projects for this client included project management.

We also designed exhibit case alarms for the Emancipation Proclamation,

Dunlop Broadside of the Declaration of independence, the first draft of the U.S.

Constitution, the Guttenberg Bible, the Gettysburg Address, and the Dead Sea

Scrolls. We’ve protected life works and papers of Mark Twain, the Salem Witch

Trial papers, and many other precious and rare cultural assets.

We’ve done projects in concert halls and performing arts centers as well. We

designed the alarm, access control and CCTV systems for the Miami-Dade

Performing Arts Center for Cesar Pelli Architects and did projects at the Lincoln

Center, New York, the Detroit Symphony Hall, Detroit, the Chicago Sympathy,

Chicago, Lincoln Center  and other smaller facilities.

Outdoor sculpture garden projects included the Hirschhorn on the Mall in

Washington, the National Sculpture Garden on the Mall in Washington, the

Nasher Center, Dallas, the Houston MFA Sculpture Garden, Houston,

Sunnylands Estate, Palm Springs, and the Aga Khan Museum Sculpture Garden

in Toronto.

High security storage facility work included the Manhattan, Southampton, and

Newark storage facilities for Crozier Fine Arts, the off site storage facilities for the

Art Institute of Chicago, two off site facilities for the Houston MFA, the

Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian storage facility, Suitland,

Md., and others.